Cliff Richard

Rock 'n' Roll Silver

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Recorded alongside the Silver album, and packaged as such for a time, Rock 'n' Roll Silver was also sent out on its own as a reminder that Cliff Richard was, in 1983, celebrating his 25th anniversary as a pop star. Time flies. He's now topped 50 years in the profession, and this particular tribute seems a little lightweight now -- ten songs, nine classic rock & rollers, and a tenth written to remind us how the lad was "Makin' History." At the time, however, this was a magnificent gesture, a chance to reappraise the career after all the changes that had been wrought on it, and find out how Richard would tackle a few of his own oldies, if he was just starting out today. Both "Move It" and "It'll Be Me" are served up afresh here, and if neither is truly a patch on his original versions, they're fun to bop through regardless. Elsewhere, "Donna," "Lucille," "Be Bop a Lula," and "Tutti Frutti," too, rock with a becoming passion. It's a fun record! So forget the fact that history long ago wrote off Rock 'n' Roll Silver as little more than a well-meaning sideline. It's actually one of Richard's better '80s albums!