Carrie Underwood

The Sound of Music [2013 NBC Television Cast]

(CD - Masterworks #88883798142)


Artist Credit
Rob Ashford Stage Direction
Laura Benanti Vocals
Doug Besterman Orchestration, Producer
Christian Borle Vocals
Michael Campayno Vocals
Sophia Caruso Vocals
David Channing Score Editor
Ted Chapin Liner Notes
David Chase Conductor, Music Direction, Music Supervisor, Producer, Synopsis
Randy Cohen Keyboard Programming
Reuben Cohen Mastering
Russel Crouse Book
Autumn de Wilde Photography
Peyton Ella Vocals
Russ Elliott Photography
Oscar Hammerstein II Lyricist
Tyler Hartman Assistant Engineer, Vocal Recording
Howard Joines Music Coordinator
Fred Lassen Assistant Music Supervisor
Jennifer Liebeskind Product Development
Howard Lindsay Book
Gavin Lurssen Mastering
Marty Maidenberg Project Consultant
Steven Malone Children's Choirmaster
Beth McCarthy Stage Direction
Scott McDaniel Cover Design
Audra McDonald Vocals
Neil Meron Executive Producer
Jessica Molaskey Vocals
Stephen Moyer Vocals
Nino Muñoz Cover Photo
Cathleen Murphy A&R
Michael Nigro Vocals
Christiane Noll Vocals
Nate Odden Assistant Engineer
Patrick Randak Photography
Ariane Rinehart Vocals
Richard Rodgers Composer
Giovanni Rufino Photography
Federico Ruiz Design
Grace Rundhaug Vocals
Elena Shaddow Vocals
The Sound of Music Television Cast Ensemble Choir/Chorus
The Sound of Music Television Orchestra Orchestra
Priscilla Taussig Producer
Robert Trachtenberg Photography
Carrie Underwood Primary Artist, Vocals
Ella Watts-Gorman Vocals
Janet Weber Recording Production Manager
Eian Weinberger Music Assistant
Joe West Vocals
Frank Wolf Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Craig Zadan Executive Producer