The Shadows

Guardian Angel

(LP - Polydor #5169)

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Released in time for Christmas 1984, Guardian Angel was surely little more than a contractual obligation, with 11 songs that exist for no better reason than to draw you one track closer to the end of side two. In a way, the lackluster sheen that replaced the band's old brilliance had been growing ever since the band signed to Polydor in 1980; this was their third album for the label, and each one was a little (lot!) worse than its predecessor. Be especially merciless and you could say the same thing for every LP they'd released since re-forming in 1975. But Guardian Angel was the bottom of a barrel that didn't have a bottom any more, and when Bruce Welch wrote his biography five years later, he didn't even mention this album. One can't blame him in the slightest.

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