Concrete Blonde

Concrete Blonde [Bonus Tracks]

(CD - Superfecta Recordings #6)

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With the addition of a new drummer, James Mankey and Johnette Napolitano's Dream Six became Concrete Blonde, but the changes did nothing to bring musical focus to the partnership. When Concrete Blonde was released, IRS Records emphasized the track "Still in Hollywood," financing a video and promoting it to radio. The song borders on punk rock, as Mankey repeats the same riff over and over and Napolitano spits out the angry lyric like Exene Cervenka (except, of course, she is careful to stay on-key). But the song's message is confused: Most aspiring stars try to get to Hollywood, no? Even more confused is the multiplicity of musical styles that demonstrated that Concrete Blonde's main characteristic was ambition, not talent. Napolitano didn't much care if she became the next Chrissie Hynde or the next Pat Benatar, as long as she became the next something. [This version of the album includes bonus material.]

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