Red Planet

Red Planet, Vol. 6: Ghost Dance

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Of the many wonderful records in the Red Planet catalog, Ghostdancer is definitely the one worth owning. A double EP with seven songs, it's essentially an album, with many of the pieces running for extended lengths. Furthermore, each of the seven capture a different style or mood while still retaining the unique Red Planet sound so reliant on the Martian's arsenal of cosmic synthesizers. First of all, there are two sorts of songs on Ghostdancer. Each side of vinyl will typically have one shorter song that can be considered more of an atmospheric work looking to evoke a particular mood or style. One should consider these to be moments of experimentation. Next there are the epic Martian anthems full of synth melodies and funky rhythms: "Ghostdancer," "Starchild," and "Windwalker." These follow in the tradition of Red Planet classics such as "Stardancer" and "Firewalker" -- lengthy songs with a sense of progression that peak during particular synth melodies. Ghostdancer has a nice variety of both experimental tracks and epic anthems, while it also succeeds in summing up the many different styles employed by the Martian along with a few new styles.