Question Time for the Proles

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Compulsion's import single is a smasher. All kinds of unconnected public figures living and dead, such as Richard Nixon and Mia Farrow, are name-checked to assure us that "things are getting better for you." While this is suitably, irascibly media-cynical, the real treat is the driving, pounding, bruising thrust of rocking. Compulsion is so locked-in, especially on the choruses, where it feels like the whole thing lifts off the ground -- you can sense the pull. Wow! As is their custom, the three non-LP B-sides (none of that "EPs one and two" scam for this bunch) are disjointed and strange but great, especially the weird snyth and wild guitar break on the second half of "Drop." "Millions" is terse and short-tempered, and "Burst" is in an ornery rush to get out the door.