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Is there more to Buffalo music than the Goo Goo Dolls and Ani Difranco? Judging from Princess there is. This three-man/one-woman quartet -- named after a 1973 copy of the French sex mag found in the recording studio -- begin with the post-New Order European dance-beat pop of "My Sister Meek," which hearkens back nicely to a slew of excellent, more atmospheric U.K. bands such as Play Dead, Armoury Show, Skeletal Family, and second LP Blitz, and unheralded but great American outfits like Choir Invisible and Sleeper. There are plenty of hints of this sound throughout, such as the equally sublime "Katherine," but Oui 73 have more rounded: From the pounce of "Lipstick for Lisa" to the grinding guitar riff of the catchy "Choke," Oui aren't afraid to rock instead of float or shake, with one melodic song after another. When they combine these aspects, such as on "Drag the Lake," they're particularly impressive. A real good find for people growing sick of the increasingly generic, caustic aspect of the Ameraindie scene.