Advent Call

Planetang May Flying Soser

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In 1999, Philippine rock band Advent Call released its second album, Planetang May Flying Soser (trans: Planet with Flying Saucer). The first album yielded a major radio hit in the campy reworking of a popular easy-listening tune of yesteryear, "Memories of Our Dreams." On the new album, Advent Call once again tries to spin remake magic, and applies a campy touch to Englebert Humperdinck's "Am I that Easy to Forget" and Tom Jones' "Delilah." The results are mixed, however, and the songs did not gain nearly as much notoriety as "Memories of Our Dreams." While there are the makings of some fine songs on Planetang May Flying Soser, the album is hampered by the thin vocals of lead singer Basha Aguilar. This wasn't so on the previous album, where Aguilar's vocals sounded good, but for some reason the singing isn't as strong here. Several songs have much potential, including "Dahil" (trans: Because), "Tindera" (trans: Sales Lady) and "Gumuho" (trans: Collapse), all of which contain highly interesting instrumentation and distinctive melodies; however, the placcid singing fails to bring the songs to full bloom. Aside from the two aforementioned remakes of international tunes, the songwriting here is rendered by various members of the band, as well as by the band's manager, Nitto Palacios, who composed three compositions on his own and assisted in one other. On the new album, the organ/keyboards of Henry Vittali play a more dominant role than before, and his playing adds a warm, indispensable touch throughout the album.