Pink Jackets Required

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This obscure album is a surprise from the vaults of Twink, aka John Alder, one-time Pink Fairies/Deviants and Pretty Things drummer and generally hyperactive psychedelic legend of the U.K. underground. The fact that he is teamed up with Steven Peregrine Took of Tyrannosaurus Rex -- the missing link in U.K. psychedelic pop -- for fans of this strain of '60s U.K. psychedelia will find this hard to believe. This album was recorded in 1969 just before Tyrannosaurus Rex embarked on their first U.S. tour and was completed on Took's return. Although it is in effect a collection of demos and some of the tracks will be know to fans of Think Pink -- primitive takes of "The Coming of the Other One" and "The Sparrow Is a Sign" will be familiar. In fact, Pink Jackets Required is one the most astonishing albums either of the pair recorded, and in popular opinion and rock-evidence surpasses the Twink Think Pink album . The name Shagrat was bounced around for an incarnation of one of Twink's other groups with members of Pink Fairies, but that unit was entirely different to the genius brilliance of the project with Steven Perigrine Took. Simply, this should be tracked down and given serious attention by those who love A Beard of Stars, Deviants, Pretty Things, and early T. Rex.