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Thundermug's second album was more eclectic and, in places, harder-rocking than their debut, Thundermug Strikes. Yet at the same time it was a bit inferior and less likable, though at least they didn't just grind out a lesser copy of what they'd already done, like so many bands do on their second album. "Orbit" is probably the best reflection of their straight-ahead, respectable-but-not-brilliant brand of early-'70s hard rock, muscular but reasonably melodic, with inventive interplay between lead and background vocals, ending with a rather impressive facsimile of Jimi Hendrix's noisiest guitar wiggles. Right after that, though, they go into the peppy, almost Spanish guitar-influenced "Molly-O," rather in the way Led Zeppelin would sometimes unexpectedly shift gears from loud rock to quiet acoustic music. Then "Victoria Muse" is pseudo-classicism, a bit like Yes' interludes done entirely (apparently) on guitars. Other songs are more conventional (and kind of routine) 1973 hard rock moves, maybe with a touch of glam in places like "Garden Green" and "We'll Never Forget," the latter of which has some slight David Bowie-isms in the vocal and lapping strings.