Mr. HoHo

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Filled with glorious falsettos, passionate melodies, charging and daring choruses, Mocca creates a record with a solid and pleasant set of tunes. Bringing together the likes of influences Sparklehorse, Pavement, and Control and delving into the ethereal sounds of Travis and Radiohead, Mr. HoHo is chock-full of the psychedelic and experimental, with the most enlivening of swirling guitars and natural, uplifting percussive mixtures. Though what Mocca fails to resemble is much of their own, unique sound. Just a few of the record's tunes live up to that realization, including the opening track, "The Last Sucker." This melody is romantic, lush, and sensual, with sweet, chorus-like guitars and breathtaking percussion, perfect and destined for the single charts and radio airplay. Though the melodies are compelling, much of the lyrical content is not as striking, and maybe the only downfall of the collection. Still enough, the music as a whole is bright and uplifting, and the record boldly follows in the footsteps of the wave of the '90s British rock craze. Mocca is a band with much potential and certainly a promising future.