Michael V.

Most Hunted: Pinoy Alternative Rock Classics, Plus! Captured Live

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Albums with comedic overtones are often released in the Philippines, and one of them is Most Hunted: Pinoy Alternative Rock Classics, Plus! Captured Live, recorded by popular television comedian Michael V. The album's concept revolves around two guys who attend a "concert" featuring popular Philippine rock bands. The album relates the concert experience, which includes a number of jokes and performances of well-known songs, all of which are done by Michael V. himself, who imitates the style of the original bands. All songs were originally performed in Tagalog, the Philippines' national language, but Michael V. sings the lyrics in English, often translated in a stiff, amusing manner. Michael V. does a good job of imitating the singers, and the instrumentation is also excellent. He also performs at the "concert" as himself, Michael V., and sings his own compositions, such as "Mas Mahal Na Kita Ngayon" (I Love You More Now). In it, he tells his "girlfriend" his love for her has grown because she "doesn't try to poison him anymore" and "doesn't try to push him down the stairs anymore." Later, the listener learns that the girlfriend is dead and in a coffin, and that's why she's not bothering him anymore.