Mathias Spahlinger

Morenod/Von Hier/Vier Stücke/Entlöschend/Störung Sotto Voce

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Late 20th century German classical composer Mathias Spalinger works in methods similar to Luigi Nono in these four pieces for small ensembles. Employing atonality and techniques of improvisation in his challenging music, this small edition LP exhibits his forward-thinking composition techniques. Employing electro-acoustic transformations of sound, the work builds into heavy crescendos of atonality, where the density of clusters verges into noise. As with much European late avant-garde music, Spallinger use abstraction techniques that challenge the performers abilities, hence the work has stylistic similarities to Helmut Lachenmann and Horatui Radulescu in it's abrasive texture. As the Editions RZ label is recognized for producing late 20th century European compositions, this experimental work is well suited to the aesthetic of their productions.