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More Experience

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1972's More Titles From the Original Soundtrack of the Feature Length Motion Picture "Experience" is the full name of this "Volume Two" to 1971's single-disc, entitled -- of course -- Original Sound Track From the Feature Length Motion Picture "Experience." The pair of albums -- released on Ember Records in Great Britain -- are better known as Experience and More Experience, Vol. 2. Steven Roby's excellent book Black Gold -- The Lost Archives of Jimi Hendrix has the date of the show as February 24, 1969, though the liner notes claim this set of recordings from the Royal Albert Hall, London, were made on February 18, 1969 "during the filming of his only feature motion picture(sic), entitled Experience." This single-sequel disc includes alternate, shortened versions from the soundtrack of "Room Full of Mirrors" and "Bleeding Heart" -- both titles showing up on the previous disc in longer form. They also give a truncated "Wild Thing" just as the guitar is going way out of tune. The material has been bootlegged for years -- a marvelous Live at the Royal Albert Hall with Hendrix's image -- but no mention of the artist on the black and white cover -- appearing in stores during that era alongside the Ember releases -- and noting that Traffic members Dave Mason (on second guitar) and Chris Wood (flute and percussion) appear on "Room Full of Mirrors" ( Steven Roby's book mentioning Jim Capaldi, as well ). The band is Mitch Mitchell on drums, Noel Redding on bass, and the original Jimi Hendrix Experience and they can be heard far better on the bootleg -- that even more underground versions display far more clarity than the Ember Records, Ltd. releases. There are different cover photos on the front of the respective volumes while the same photo is used on the back of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 -- all pictures in a pseudo-film frame painted along the right and left of the album cover. When comparing the tracks to those listed in Roby's book, the set list matches the performances from February 24, 1969, not February 18, as described on the back of this release and in the gatefold of Vol. 1. "Little Wing" is listed on the back cover and on the label as "Little Ivey" -- which only goes to show how out of touch the "producers" of these recordings were. It's the same take of "Room Full of Mirrors" as on the bootleg, only it fades before Wood's flute can be heard. It is the exact same take as on the first volume as well, identified by the feedback that can be heard as Hendrix is singing the first verse. Yes, this material is for the collector, but even with the questionable date of recording, mistitled classic "Little Wing," and recording that is inferior to the authentic bootleg (no oxymoron intended), it is great to have in your personal Hendrix archives.