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Buyer beware! This is a mostly instrumental work - allegedly by Jimi Hendrix, part of a vast catalog of questionable vinyl LPs issued in the '70s by various companies looking to capitalize on the guitar hero's rabid following. Is it the guitarmaster? We have it on good authority that it is not! Moods at least shows some effort taking the time to put a beautiful painting of the genius on the cover - as did the Shout label on their Jimi Hendrix/In The Beginning - material which claims to be a Vidalia production, the name that appeared alongside Johnny Brantley's productions. You can go down the list on these items - Roots Of Hendrix with its 24 x 24 poster included as a bonus, Springboard's Jimi Hendrix In Concert, which is just another re-release of the Johnny Brantley produced Lonnie Youngblood tapes (as are Two Great Experiences Together and Roots Of Hendrix). A mind boggling barrage of vinyl releases which found their way into record stores in the years following Jimi's passing, which can be put into four categories: a)the legitimate releases; b)the counterfeit versions of those legitimate releases; c)the bootlegs of live recordings and unreleased sessions d)this stuff which is very likely not even Jimi. As usual, there are no recording dates or musicians credited. It's your basic lo-fi jam. "A Mumblin' Word" has a prayer-like vocal, most likely the product of the mic not picking up the voice of whoever decided to sing. "Miracle Worker" has guitar leads over a '50s second guitar accompaniment. It would also be a stretch to think Hendrix composed any of this material or came up with monikers like "Human Heart", "Get Down", "Feel That Soul" and other such titles. It just wasn't his style. Horns and conga somehow infiltrate "From This Day On" with the guitar up in the mix. But does it matter? Moods is only for the very extreme completists who need a colorful album cover painting of Hendrix and every item issued that has his name attached to it, whether the artist is in the grooves or not. 28 minutes and 25 seconds of music that isn't as much fun as The Cry Of Love, nor does it have the magic found in those grooves.

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