Luíz Eça

Luiz Eça Trio

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This was the last recorded album of the late Brazilian piano virtuoso, who would leave listeners just one year after this recording, done in May 1991. Entirely dedicated to the compositions of Pacífico Mascarenhas, it recreates the bossa effervescence of those golden years: a trio setting, jazzy arrangements for Brazilian tunes, and shorter tracks ranging from 1:26 to 3:05. There is obviously improvised solos in each track, but they're shorter than usual, with scarce bass solos.

The extremely competent backing of renowned professionals Luiz Alves (bass) and Ricardo Costa (drums) always keeps a low profile, ranging from delicate bass harmonics to real hard samba drumming -- but only filling in melodic spaces. The arrangements of the master Luiz Eça always provide adequate development, dynamics, and tell a full story.

The styles range from samba (moderato and largo), bossa nova, swing, ballad, jazz waltz, and rumba-flavored samba. This is a release that would most certainly appeal to those who are into improvised trio music over Brazilian rhythms, with no harmonic/melodic atonal or revolutionary stretches. Just plain good music, wonderfully arranged and executed.