My Chemical Romance

Life on the Murder Scene

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Artist Credit
Craig Aaronson Executive Producer
Sam Aslanian Executive Video Producer
Howard Benson Producer
Ken Blaustein Producer
P.R. Brown Art Direction, Photography
Bob Bryar Drums, Member of Attributed Artist
Alex Coletti Video Producer
Rich Costey Mixing
Mike Dooley Sound Recording
Brett Eliason Mixing
Missy Galanida Executive Video Producer
Frank Iero Guitar, Member of Attributed Artist
Greg Kaplan Video Editor, Video Producer, Writer
David May Post Producer
My Chemical Romance Composer, Primary Artist
David Naylor Executive Video Producer
Trevor Niemann Design
Mike Plotnikoff Mixing
Britton Rizzio Video Producer
Valerie Romer Video Producer
Atom Rothlein Video Director
Jennifer Destiny Rothlein Video Producer
Hagai Shaham Video Producer
Greg Thompson Engineer, Mixing, Video Engineer
Ray Toro Guitar, Member of Attributed Artist
Gerard Way Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
Mikey Way Guitar (Bass), Member of Attributed Artist
Neal Weiss Video Producer
Raena Winscott Post Producer
Daniel Wise Audio Engineer, Engineer, Mixing