The Beatles

Let It Be (The Alternate Mono Mixes)

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Let It Be was one of only two official Beatles albums that never had a mono mix in any officially released version (the other was Abbey Road). The makers of this disc, however, got access to mono rough mixes of the songs, mostly from the camera rolls done live on the scene at the time of recording, and have assembled a mono version of the album. Additionally, two songs, "I Me Mine" and "Across the Universe," appear in otherwise unavailable stereo mixes, the former without any dubbed on orchestral accompaniment. Indeed, this bootleg is closer to the original concept of the Let It Be album (when it was still known as Get Back) than any version yet heard -- not only is the quality more than a match for the legitimate CD, but each song is heard as it sounded before it was re-edited and any vocals or solos were re-recorded, making it a true live-in-the-studio effort. Those tracks have been augmented with the presence of perfect tapes of five of the songs (and takes) -- "Teddy Boy," "I Dig a Pony," "I've Got a Feeling," "Two of Us," and "Don't Let Me Down" -- that Glyn Johns chose for what was then the Get Back album. Not everyone will love this CD, containing as it does many "warts" that were later removed by editing, including raw backing vocals and lead vocals (especially those by Lennon and Harrison) that seem relatively indistinct. One also hears louder (and different) guitar and bass parts, some overamplified and some marred by leakage, and a much more raw approach to the songs. The flaws can also be distracting, however -- little squeaks and squawks scattered throughout, stray overloads, and also, on a pair of the tracks, audio cues that are spoken over the extended fades on the tracks. Thus, this is not a release for the casual listener, as other CDs issued as part of this series, which recreate original album artwork in digipack form.