Max Cilla

La Flute Des Mornes, Vols. 1 & 2

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Max Cilla is an exceptional flutist from Martinique. His music has a beautiful haunting quality to it that transports you to the hills and forests of the island. The songs are extended sonic pictures and tapestries of the island's rich cultural heritage. Cilla's flute playing is sensitive, forceful, and playful. His tone and timbre are impeccable. The songs combine a variety of roots influences from the tambou bele, a large drum held between the legs, and the ti bwa, literally a "little wood" that is tapped by another piece of wood. Cuban son montuno riffs are also heard on the first track. The percussion contrasts nicely with the flute melodies and lays down extended rhythmic grooves that cook and uplift the feet. "L'Habitation Rochelle" starts with a lengthy unaccompanied flute solo and transitions into a percussive dynamo. "Mantra Solaire" is an exquisite mantra to the sun. This is music from the source points of Martinique's extremely diverse and wealthy musical history. This is an album that should be listened to on a hot summer night with some good wine or rum. It will reward and is recommended.