Various Artists

Knebworth: The Album

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Artist Credit
Oleta Adams Piano, Vocals
Mark Allen Photography
Brian Aris Photography
Tony Banks Composer, Keyboards
Ray Beavis Brass, Overdubs
Brian Bennett Drums
Dave Bennett Photography
Adele Bertei Vocals (Background)
Chris Blackwell Composer, Drums
Michael Blakey Drums
Andrew Bown Composer, Keyboards
Andy Bown Keyboards
Doug Boyle Composer, Guitar
Pete Brown Composer
Sam Brown Vocals (Background)
Vicki Brown Vocals (Background)
Jack Bruce Composer
Bridgette Bryant Vocals (Background)
Jon Carin Keyboards
Eric Clapton Composer, Guitar, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Alan Clark Keyboards
Brad Cole Keyboards
Phil Collins Composer, Drums, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Ray Cooper Percussion, Producer
Jim Copley Drums
Alan Davidson Photography
Andy Davis Keyboards
Rahmlee Michael Davis Brass
David Dee Liner Notes
Shaun DeFeo Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
Dire Straits Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Candy Dulfer Saxophone
John Earle Brass, Overdubs
Nathan East Bass, Guitar (Bass)
John "Rhino" Edwards Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Steve Ferrone Drums
Guy Fletcher Keyboards
John Fogerty Composer
Mike Fraser Engineer, Mixing
Bobby Freeman Composer
Genesis Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
David Gilmour Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Chris Gower Brass, Overdubs
Derek Green Project Director
William Gregory Saxophone
Mark Griffiths Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Cliff Hall Keyboards
Dick Hanson Brass, Overdubs
Nicky Holland Composer
Pete Howarth Vocals (Background)
Chris Hughes Composer
John Illsley Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Mick Jagger Composer
Elton John Composer, Performer, Piano, Primary Artist, Vocals
Phil Johnstone Composer, Keyboards
Charlie Jones Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Michael Kamen Keyboards
Harry Kim Brass, Overdubs
Chris Kimsey Mixing, Producer
Katie Kissoon Vocals (Background)
Mark Knopfler Composer, Guitar, Vocals
David Larkham Art Direction
John Lennon Composer
Lui Lui Brass, Overdubs
Hank Marvin Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Nick Mason Drums
Durga McBroom Vocals (Background)
Linda McCartney Keyboards, Vocals
Paul McCartney Bass, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Performer, Piano, Primary Artist, Vocals
Mike McCraith Cover Coordinator
Arnold McCuller Vocals (Background)
Arnold McCutler Vocals (Background)
Robbie McIntosh Guitar, Vocals
Paul Moessl Synthesizer
Camila Moreno Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Mick Mullins Vocals (Background)
Keith Murrell Vocals (Background)
Don Myrick Brass, Overdubs
Chris Myring Digital Engineer, Engineer
Tessa Niles Vocals (Background)
Roland Orzabal Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Page Composer, Guitar, Performer, Primary Artist
Phil Palmer Guitar
Rick Parfitt Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Greg Phillinganes Keyboards
Pink Floyd Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Robert Plant Composer, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Christopher Marc Potter Mixing
Guy Pratt Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Tim Renwick Guitar
Michelle Reynolds Engineer
Nick Reynolds Engineer
Jeff Rich Drums
Cliff Richard Composer, Vocals
Cliff Richard & the Shadows Performer, Primary Artist
Francis Rossi Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Mike Rutherford Bass, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Bass)
Leland Sklar Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Curt Smith Bass, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Steve Smith Producer
Ian Stanley Composer
Status Quo Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Carole Steele Percussion
Gary Stewart Engineer
Biti Strauchn Vocals (Background)
Hamish Stuart Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Daryl Stuermer Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass)
Bernie Taupin Composer
Neil Taylor Guitar
Tears for Fears Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Chester Thompson Drums
Chester Thompson Drums
Clare Torry Vocals (Background)
Pete Townshend Composer
G.M. Wallis Percussion
Gary Wallis Percussion
Roger Waters Composer
Bruce Welch Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Fred White Vocals (Background)
Chris Whitten Drums
Paul "Wix" Wickens Keyboards, Vocals
Phil Wilton Digital Engineer, Engineer
Richard Wright Keyboards
Kenny Young Composer