Boris the Sprinkler

Kill the Ramones/Kill the Sex Pistols

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Around the time that this record was released, The Ramones announced that they were throwing in the towel and The Sex Pistols reunited -admittingly for the intentions of cashing in. A sure sign that Rev. Norb and company were a little fustrated at the seminal founders of '77 era punk not caring one bit for the kids. So hence, Boris the Sprinkler took out these fustrations by releasing the hilarously clever "Kill The Sex Pistols/ Kill The Ramones" (the later reasoning is probably for the countless bad albums that Joey, Johnny and company released after "Rocket to Russia"). Boris coninute in that vein of shameless stand-up punk without a care of whom they're making fun of. The only thing missing is their trademark cover of some obsecure, late-70's power-pop band, but then there wouldn't be any room for "K-I-L-L then we go to Taco Bell. And if you beat me to the punchand kill 'em first I'll buy you lunch. Kill The Ramones!"