Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV

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The Netherlands' Clone label didn't evenly distribute Drexciya's previously unreleased tracks across the four volumes of the Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller series, evident by the presence of six such selections on the fourth and final volume. (The first three volumes contain a total of five.) None of the new tracks are poor, but they're mere curiosities compared to James Stinson and Gerald Donald's highlights. Luckily, the label saved several essential Drexciya productions for this finale, such as "Depressurization," "Water Walker," Hydro Cubes," and "Black Sea" -- all of which are among the most thrilling electro-techno recorded. For newcomers and those who can't obtain it all, the four volumes might be too deep a plunge, but those who buy digital downloads can sample, pick, and choose their own summaries.