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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Vol. 3

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In this action-packed anime, teenaged Jotaro "JoJo" Kujo and his grandfather Joseph Joestar find themselves possessed by psychic warriors known as "Stands." Many years before, brave Jonathan Joestar fought the vampire Dio Brando, and successfully subdued him beneath the ocean...or so he thought. Before Dio Brando became completely submerged, he managed to steal Jonathan's body and supernatural powers. Now, Dio Brando returns from his watery grave and alerts the Stands within their human hosts. In this program, Jotaro and his friends encounter another Dio assassin, and when N-Yah and her Stand "Justice" face off against Jotaro, it places him in a fight against forces of the dead! This program contains Episodes 6 and 7, "The Mist of Vengeance" and "Justice."