Anger of the Lamb


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As the individual responsible for the industrial dance/techno-pop project Anger of the Lamb, Brian James Snell has placed himself in some illustrious company. With a sound comparable to Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode, Introvert sets itself apart with its thriving emotionalism and engagingly caustic vocals. The blunt, rhythmic tension between danceable soundscapes and fitful lyrics imbues Introvert with a uniqueness, which lends itself to wide interpretation. On the one hand, Introvert is a sonic examination of the prison of the self where salvation lies in, first, acknowledging the condition, then breaking free from it. On the other hand, it is a work of intriguing artistry, capable of social commentary while remaining at all times aurally entertaining. "The Man Who Waits Inside," "Wish You Away," "Beautiful Disease," and "Mirror" exemplify these perspectives clearly. The sound of echoing chains and sparse acoustics are used to deliver dungeon-like atmospherics; lyrics are self-examining and self-accusatory. Yet, as the disc continues, the sound gradually fills up, building into a compelling and steady groove of pulsating beats, electronic enhancements, and compelling guitar touches to match the emotional directness of the tortured vocals. "In the End" employs a more reflective approach, almost eerie in its fatalistic affront. However, the strong percussion and rocking synth elements of the voiceless and driving "Sequence 6" offers a cathartic revelation, one that provides a glimpse of the possibility that awaits, yet, tempered by a cautious and foreboding melodic strain. Just as a story can only best be understood by reading it straight through from start to finish, so too does the music of Introvert demand to be heard from beginning to end. Only in this way can the meaning of the tale be revealed in the telling. Introvert tells an emotionally stirring story with depth and original musical nuance.

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