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This 45-minute interview disc has zero documentation on who's conducting the interview and exactly when it was done. There's also a fair amount of ambient noise; it sounds like someone stuck a microphone on a table at an outdoor cafe and launched in. Prince admits early in the interview that he isn't particularly comfortable meeting new people or answering questions about himself, but the dogged interviewer persists and gradually Prince begins to answer, first in complete sentences then ultimately in whole paragraphs. Prince comes across as the quiet kid in math class; he explains that Prince is his real name but that "my last name is pretty sickening, so I don't use it." You can feel him squirm at the questions about what kind of music he does ("I think society...should concentrate basically on the equals sign--what they get after it's all over"). Most replies seem pretty thoughtful ("The fact that people lose their cool behind [sex] is enough to write about it, to me") though he remarks, with no irony whatsoever, "I don't listen to music when I'm not playing music, I don't like to do things to excess."