The Black Watch

I Feel So Weird

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For most bands, failing to catch on after a decade together would sound the death knell, particularly if it meant self-releasing records again. But not only does this tenacious L.A. foursome march on, but the band releases its best song yet! It's a capital idea to turn the vocals over to talented violinist/second guitarist J'Anna Jacoby, no longer second "fiddle" (yuck, yuck) to John Frederick. Her voice complements the generous melody like blanket to skin, or feet to new sneakers. A tense, terse, edgy verse leads to an effervescent, comely chorus that feels as if ten Jacobys are cooing suggestively at once, the oozing guitars dripping dazzling dust. Excellent! The B-side? It's entitled "Steve Albini" -- and it's Jacoby alone with her violin, asking the underground iconoclast to marry her! Think he'll go for it?