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Hair [Highlights From]

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This anonymous recording of songs from the Broadway musical Hair can't ever make up its mind whether it wants to ape the sound of the original Broadway cast, or the hit recordings of several of the songs. It begins, for example, with "Aquarius," but then later includes a version of the medley of "Aquarius" and the chorus of "Let the Sunshine In" that was recorded by the 5th Dimension, copying that recording right down to the exhortation, "I want you to sing along with the 5th Dimension!," which, under the circumstances, is impossible. Similarly, the version of "Good Morning Starshine" sounds a lot like the hit recording by Oliver. Typical of the slipshod manner of the project are Chris White's liner notes, which claim that "Among the show's best-remembered songs [is] ... 'I Believe in Love' ..." when there is no such song in the score, or on the album, for that matter. (White also falsely claims the 5th Dimension record was "a double A-side single," rather than a medley.) The carelessness extends to the songwriting credits, in which composer Galt MacDermot is listed as "Mac." Although otherwise pretty much worthless, the album may interest show music completists because, oddly enough, it features a recording of "Dead End," a song cut from Hair between its Off-Broadway and Broadway productions and thus not featured on the original Broadway cast album.