G Flame & Mr. G

Give 'N' Take [EP]

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The hard tech-flavored house of G Flame & Mr. G may sound a bit out of place on the otherwise deep house-orientated Moods & Grooves label from Detroit, but there is little denying its worth as a peak-hour DJ record, capable of sending most any crowd into a frenzy. There are primarily two songs here -- "Swing Crewz II" and "Pulsez" -- along with a dub version of the former; both songs follow a similar template of stomping up-tempo percussion and phasing high-end synth riffs. While the low-end rhythms remain constant, the high-end synths phase through modest muted phases before then prominently rising to the foreground, creating a frenzied moment of peak intensity. As a less punishing and more house-orientated continuation of the Purpose Maker school of repetitive percussive maelstroms colored with the occasional catchy sound, Give 'N' Take functions excellently as the sort of driving record that can take a crowd to a new level.