Paulo Raposo

Further Consequences of Reinterpretation

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Further Consequences of Reinterpretation is (to put it in a simplistic way) the remix of a remix of a remix of nothing. The starting point for this project was Nosei Sakata's album 0.000 (which contains only sounds outside the human hearing range), of which Behrens produced a reinterpretative piece titled ">0" and included it on a remix album released by the label Mu (it is also included here as the first track of this set). Then Behrens used the remixes of the other artists on the remix album to produce another reinterpretation of the material. Then he sent the sounds he had created to construct his piece to the Portuguese sound artist Paulo Raposo so that he could come up with his own reinterpretation. Further Consequences of Reinterpretation presents 21 short untitled tracks (including Behrens' "original" remix). They are not attributed to one artist or the other, and the absence of track titles prompts one to consider the project as a single, collaborative multi-part work. Despite the fact that Behrens and Raposo approach sound art from significantly different perspectives, it is hardly possible to identify who is responsible for what. And the overall aesthetics of the album lean more toward Behrens' usual output. Stemming from Sakata's original nothingness, the music retains a "glitchy" nature and consists mostly of clicks and beeps and quiet digital textures. But the whole thing is dynamic and surprisingly lively, as if the two artists were caught in a heated debate, carefully preparing arguments and vehemently throwing them into the ring. Still, by its very nature the album remains clinical, a far cry from the luscious soundscapes of Insula Dulcamara, Raposo's collaboration with Carlos Santos released only a few months earlier.