Various Artists

From Our Minds to Yours

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Even though there are several different artists featured on From Our Minds to Yours, all the songs share similar formal features, owing to the fact that they were all recorded at Plus 8's Detroit studio on the same equipment. Hawtin's music dominates the album, as he produces seven of the 13 tracks; of these tracks, "Infusion" instantly stands out. Recorded live at Confusion in the spring of 1991, this ambient track extends for over 13 minutes of strange samples and down-tempo percussive rhythms. Hawtin's first track on the album, "Intro," begins things on a haunting note with eerie orchestrated strings, a subtle 303 acid line, and the voice of a woman alerting listeners that they "are about to experience the future." Other noteworthy tracks on the album include Kenny Larkin's "Manik Man," Speedy J's "Pullover," and Cybersonik's "Technarchy (Remix)." Larkin's track stays true to Derrick May's style of heavenly techno, characterized by sensual synth melodies and high-frequency, multi-layered drum programming. "Pullover" and "Technarchy (Remix)" head in an opposite direction, making little effort to weave a similar spell of tranquility. Instead, these tracks focus on intensity and power, with pounding bass beats propelling the rhythm while siren-like melodies blare loudly. The style of hardcore techno found on these early Plus 8 recordings would become highly popular in Europe at the beginning of the '90s, foreshadowing a major shift toward a more pummeling style of techno music quite unlike the cosmic style originally pioneered by Juan Atkins.