From Euphoria to Paranoia

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Canada's Soulstorm retained the industrial metal sound of their Metal Blade debut, Darkness Visible, on this 1994 Cargo Records follow-up, From Euphoria to Paranoia, a respectable, if undefined aggro collection. A near-constant wall of crunchy guitars augment some pretty recognizable drum loops and other contrasting electronic textures that, while well-organized and appropriately dense and mechanical, fail to create anything like a defining sound for the group. There are some decent moments on From Euphoria to Paranoia, however, as the grinding "Severed" and "Destructive Testing," though different with regard to tempo, are aligned in their dark, almost insipid mood-swinging rawness. Other tracks, like "Mass Culture Murder" and "Seethe (Murderson)," are a little repetitive and ultimately unsatisfying. Solid but not spectacular, From Euphoria to Paranoia encapsulates Soulstorm's relatively long, but generally unimportant career churning out music only valuable to fans of a highly stylized and soon-to-be-dated heavy metal niche.