Seventh Day Slumber

Freedom From Human Regulations

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On their second release, Freedom From Human Regulations, Seventh Day Slumber exhibits some soulful lyrics and apt songwriting while at other times falling short of the mark. Starting with the disc's opener, "Candy," the band's sense of melody makes for an infectious tune. The cut displays a punchy bassline highlighting a song that comes to life at the chorus. "Out of Time" and "Conflict" find SDS embracing a comfortable groove. Vocalist Joseph Rojas seems to be at his best when he's backed with acoustic guitar. Vocally there's a Pearl Jam/Creed tone that fits the music nicely. The cut "More" boasts some of the disc's best guitar work and lyrics. Here Rojas displays some of his vocal chops. On the downside, many of the tunes have a bit of sonic sameness about them. Some cuts fade out when a planned ending may have been nice, and what's with the misspellings in the lyrics of the linear notes? Surprisingly, none of the references to God are capitalized, a horrible mistake by a Christian band. For the casual listener there are some shining moments on Freedom From Human Regulations, but for the most part it seems the band has yet to reach their songwriting peak.