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Fly South: The 1975 World Tour

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In the 1970s, there were different versions of the Paul McCartney bootleg Fly South: The 1975 World Tour, which contains live performances in Melbourne and other Australian cities during the fall of 1975. First, the Wunderland label released Fly South as a two-LP set; then, Wizardo (one of the 1970s top bootleggers) released a condensed version as Wonderland 380, the single LP that is reviewed here. Of course, condensing Fly South meant omitting certain performances; the Wizardo version, for example, only contains one performance of "Yesterday" whereas the double LP contains two. And from a collector's perspective, that makes the single LP inferior. But there are some more reasons why this LP version gets a low rating: Wizardo doesn't bother to list any of the songs or to tell you that Fly South was recorded in Australia. While McCartney's performances are fine, the sound quality is disappointing, not terrible, but not very good either. All things considered, this is a bootleg that only a completist would want.