Floating Here

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Though I'm not a goth fan per se, I am enamored with bands that straddle the genre, and/or those who do something mesmerizing and creative, more than regenerate the tired, clich├ęd mold -- like this one, whose effects-powered guitars duke it out with synths and distorted vocals to see who can create the loudest, harshest, most sinister, yet subversively graceful mood. It's half tense soundtrack, half lush and florid dream pop. Think the Cure's Pornography, Siouxsie & the Banshees' Juju, and Cocteau Twins' Garlands, with slight dabs of the second side of Echo & the Bunnymen's Porcupine, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's Paint Your Wagon, and Pale Saints' The Comforts of Madness, all encased in shrouds of mystery and repetitive swirling. This is filled with drum machines meant to menace, singing from the hale Julie S. Faris that creates melodic tapestry like that of Liz Fraser, Xmal Deutschland, and Lush, and abrupt tones like bells chiming. A cuffing, dark, post-psychedelic hypnotism sets in as the cloudy (you can just see the dark color lighting, flashing strobes, and some light fog), dense, smoky symphony starts to pour into your pores, and your reality is altered. This is first-rate music by this 12-year-old group of Toronto vets, every bit as good as their last outing, Frustration, that Roger O'Donnell (of the Cure and Psychedelic Furs) produced five years ago. Back then, this didn't seem like such an anomaly. How good to see that some still believe in sound that surrounds and intimates the most impressionistic, subconscious mind!! To borrow a Comsat Angels song title, this baby is a beautiful monster. (2238 Dundas St. W., Box 59101, Toronto, ON, M6R 3B5, Canada;