The Love Letter Band

Even the Pretty Girls Take the Medicine

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The Love Letter Band, Colorado's lo-fi indie pop experimentalists, open their full-length debut with the colorful "I Thrust These Trembling Fists Into the Air," which seamlessly gives way to the quieter "I Heard a Sound," which features Chris Adolf's tender vocals and steady acoustic guitar. Showing a marked improvement since their debut EP, Ugly Town, Pretty Girl, this disc features a startling clarity and continuity until the last track. Favoring an eclectic approach, like the best of the Elephant 6 bands, the Love Letter Band deliver their feverish enthusiasm for music on this 13-track disc. Two more delicate ballads follow the two opening tracks, featuring a flurry of quirky instrumentation and deeply personal lyrics by Adolf. After the instrumental "Trumpet," the band embraces distortion and layers of Moog and guitar on the festive "Popgun Summer," which also features Trevor Adam's best drum work to date. The disarming ballad "Let's Go Drinking" is next, followed by "You're Going to Jump," which showcases the band at its best: soft and intimate, with a surprising number of unique instruments and tones. "Love Came Crashing Down" also delivers, with catchy keyboards and heartfelt vocals by Adolf. The quirky electronic track "I Threw Up at the Arcade" closes out the disc. The song seems out of place, but it doesn't diminish the strength of the first 12 tracks. Marisa Wood performs a variety of instruments, including xylophones, melodica, and marimba, while Evan Adolf performs trumpet. Mike Moran guests on theremin on the disc's opening track. Even the Pretty Girls Take the Medicine was a split release on 555 Recordings and Red Square Records.