Jackie Lomax

Enter into My World: A Collection of Singles and Rarities

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Although this has an address (of the actual Capitol Records) and a bar code on the back, this is certainly an unauthorized release, the (deliberate?) misspelling of the label as "Capital" being just one dead giveaway. It's a pretty good-looking and good-sounding compilation, however, of mid- to late-'60s material by Jackie Lomax, much though not all of which certainly is rare, or at least not all that easy to find. The prime collectibles here are the seven tracks recorded between the time he left the Undertakers (represented here by a 1965 single that isn't too rare, having been issued on an Undertakers CD compilation) and joined Apple, whether credited to the Jackie Lomax Alliance, the Jackie Lomax All Stars, or just Jackie Lomax. Six of these seven showed up on rare singles -- one of them, in fact, is so rare that it seems to have escaped getting listed in detailed discographies -- and shows him developing into a fair, though not great, solo performer capable of shading his material with both psychedelic pop and blue-eyed soul. One cut, "Honey Machine" (credited to the Jackie Lomax All Stars), seems to have only shown up on a volume of the Circus Days anthology. The ten tracks from his stint at Apple showed up either on singles or as bonus tracks on the now hard-to-find CD version of his Is This What You Want? album. Some of those tracks are pretty pedestrian late-'60s heavy rockers, but others show, unsurprisingly, a respectable knack for Beatlesque sounds, if far less distinct than those of the Beatles who'd helped him get onto Apple in the first place. The heavy rock influence gets heavier on the three cuts from Heavy Jelly that end the disc. While this doesn't make a case for Lomax as a major talent, it does prove he was an interesting if erratic one who on the whole deserves a worthwhile official retrospective. This isn't quite it, but was at its time of issue the only way to get this material for those interested in hearing what else Lomax had to offer aside from Is This What You Want?, not counting numerous post-Undertakers/pre-Apple unreleased recordings that some collectors have also heard.