Dragged by Horses

Deep in the Woods

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Dragged by Horses is a power trio in the late-'60s blues-rock tradition, which makes it appropriate that the band's second album, Deep in the Woods, is being issued as an LP (on red vinyl) with an accompanying CD that duplicates the contents. There is a certain relentless musical logic to the guitar/bass/drums power trio that can lend to a certain sameness and similarity, particularly if, like Dragged by Horses, the sound is essentially riff-based rather than being (as in, say, the cases of the Jimi Hendrix Experience or Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble) a showcase for a guitar virtuoso backed by a rhythm section. Dragged by Horses is much more Blue Cheer than Hendrix, basing its songs on interlocking riffs with shouted vocals from the somewhat enraged-sounding guitarist, Pablo Midence. Indeed, to cite another power trio (albeit one that features a separate vocalist), it's easy to think of Rage Against the Machine as Midence chants repeatedly, with growing anger, "May your death be a peaceful one" during "Peaceful Endings." This is head-banging music in the classic manner, none too bright and none too clever, but expressive of the eternal frustrations of young manhood and ready to inspire legions of air guitarists everywhere.