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D.B. Leonard Band

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D.B. Leonard's beats are groovy and fun, helped along by a solid rhythm section, featuring reassuring bass work by Tia Fitzgerald. His lyrics, while put across in a gravelly, at times hard to understand voice, are well-timed narrative. However, the underlying premise of the "Mailbox Filled with Rain" -- that the postal receptacle is overflowing with precipitation and therefore prevents the narrator from venturing outside, downstairs, or any whernear it -- is a bit odd and unreasonable. Still, the song is fun and well-paced, even if the lyrics promote senseless inactivity. "Sucker," while peppier, is still rather simple, with a trite title-carrying chorus. Danceable, yes. Infectious, perhaps. Still, while narrative and flowing, the lyrics are again a bit silly. Also, Bill O'Connor, Jr.'s cymbal work at the end gets a bit grating.