Darve Sh

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Named after the German word for dream, Troum has put out several works that combine ambient drones with surreal atmospheres, similar to other German groups Kallabris and Cranioclast. Darve Sh, their 10" record on Beta-Lactam Ring's Lactamose series, is one of their less ambient releases, adding machine-clatter rhythms to the drones in a dense mix of textured sound. Each side contains one untitled track, and side A is the more intense piece, as the drones develop into more dramatic passages beneath the urgent rhythmic pounding. One can even hear world music rhythms in the intricate sound. Side B starts off slower, with a few tentative bits of drone before a similar clattering machine rhythm takes over, though it is moodier and less urgent than the first side. The piece also has what sounds like distorted whispering and other odd sounds; toward the end the rhythms die down and the piece drifts into more mysterious territory -- something a bit more ambient, though also creepier -- as weird echoed noises splatter above the drones. On the whole, an interesting release by this experimental group.