The Dave Clark Five

Complete History, Vol. 4: 5 by 5/You Got What It Takes/Everybody Knows

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The fourth volume of this exhaustive seven-volume, unauthorized CD series of the Dave Clark Five catalog combines their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth U.S. albums -- (Five by Five, You Got What It Takes, and Everybody Knows, originally released in 1967 and 1968 -- onto one 31-track CD. (Yes, the band really did release 12 LPs in the U.S. between 1964 and 1968!) While the Dave Clark Five's albums weren't nearly as strong as those by the best British Invasion bands, there were enough decent non-hit tracks on their first nine LPs to make the first three volumes of this series (which include those nine LPs in their entirety, with a few additional tracks) pretty enjoyable, if highly uneven, listens for anyone who's interested enough in the band to hear more than what made it onto their greatest-hit collections. This volume, however, marks the point at which you have to be not just a fan, but a fanatic, to get too excited about it. One big hit ("You Got What It Takes") and a few smaller ones (the second of their chart singles titled "Everybody Knows," "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby," "Nineteen Days," "Thinking of You Baby") dot the disc. But for the most part, these are so-so variations of their mid-'60s formula, or some attempts to update their sound with big ballad orchestration or soul-rock production that meet mixed results. The riff-driven rocker "Doctor Rhythm" and the oddly Yardbirds-ish "You Don't Want My Loving" are a couple of their better LP tracks. Yet for the most part this illustrates both the decreasing quality of the group's work as the decade started drawing to a close and their increasing irrelevance to the larger pop scene. It sounds like the effort of a talented singer (Mike Smith) who deserves much better material and arrangements than he gets here.