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Like Inside Views and Silver, Will Cullen Hart's two other issues in the first batch of Cloud Recordings, Circuits comes packaged in a handcrafted case. One immediately gets the sense that Hart did this not to create a collector's item or anything of the sort, but simply because it was a cool thing to do. Issued on CD-R in late 2001, Circuits is a recording of Hart playing his guitar through his various different guitar effects. Run through phasers, sweepers, delays, filters, and all manners of stomp boxes, the music absolutely lives up to the disc's name. In most places, it is pretty hard to tell that the sounds are emanating from a guitar at all, both in terms of the music's sonic quality and the attack. The angular music doesn't sound like it could be strummed or picked at all. In places, in fact, the disc sounds like less dense IDM, filled with busy bleeps, or even difficult, percussive modern composition (à la Edgard Varèse). In other places, the music is drone-like and soothing. The often sudden alternation between the two approaches can be a bit jarring at times, and makes it hard to absorb the disc on an unconscious level.

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