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Arising from the depths of Germanys darkened Northern forests comes Cryogenic. Recording their debut with hailed Kreator/Sodom producer Harris Johns, Cryogenic create symphonic black metal in the vein of more Norse-inspired acts like Bal-Sagoth or Enslaved. Their sound gels after the intro track, a keyboard overture, when the mid-paced "Wanderer" swings into full epic glory, narrowly escaping the cloned Bal-Sagoth tag. But by track three and four, with their over the top drumming (a trademark on Enslaved's Eld) and repetitious guitar patterns, one may find themselves losing interest, and instead yearning for the glories of the second song. Then suddenly the saving grace hits on "Processia Nocturna- Teil 1," the dark keyboards breeze through your aural cavities coupled with the magical voice of Johanna. A mix between former 3rd and the Mortal vocalist, Kari Rueslatten, and Ruth, of Anathema fame, she reappears ever so briefly at the end of the album. Cryogenic are certainly talented, and make use of varying styles, including the wonderful "Teil 2," with its mix of acoustic guitars, attacking synths (think "Night of Graveless Souls-era" Emperor), and relaxed overall guitar orchestration. Half the album is great, while the other half is not. Although the band has a tendency to rape Emperor's sound (they steal "Inno A Satana"'s outro on the fourth song), they show unarguable potential. This leads one to believe that we have not seen the last of this young band.