New Model Army

Brave New World

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Every new release by New Model Army makes the Bradford, England trio more admirable. Having been around three years and releasing so many records now, you'd expect the quality control to dip and dive, and instead, they just keep showing new sides with every release. Most post-punk bands work in much narrower frames. And this new single may work in a familiar way to their full-band outings of late, it's one of their catchiest tunes of all, and dig this, they do a piano version on the B-side that genuinely competes in all ways with the full band version for the title of best rendition. Who in English rock does this, let alone pulls it off so completely? Plus you also get another really good song, "R.I.P.," so yes, sorry to tell you if you don't have a lot of dough, but this band's singles -- every one of them -- are as important a purchase as their albums. Nothing this band does seems to be thoughtless or barely considered.