Boiled Beef & Rotting Teeth

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This five-track collection of early Mudhoney singles was later assimilated onto a single disc along with the monumental Superfuzz Bigmuff record, but, even in its original glory, it functions as a blueprint for short and sweet grunge rock. Recorded years before anyone realized this was a marketable genre, Mudhoney's songs are still highly inspired bits of sludgy guitar rock with urgent yet ironic lyrics. Classic tracks like "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More" and the rousing "Touch Me I'm Sick" (which was later transformed into "Touch Me I'm Dick" for the film Singles) are highlights, but there really isn't a bum track on this concise and hard rocking collection. For a band that never got the respect they deserved, or even much credit at all, this disc shows a group of skilled and unique rockers making music that moved them and didn't really take anyone else into consideration. The fact is, the songs are really impressive, especially when you take into account that these tracks are among the first the band ever recorded. Mudhoney really is shockingly raw in their presentation, but it gives their songs plenty of attitude, and the carefree outlook comes through in their loose but effective playing. If you were ever effected by grunge rock, and never heard these Northwestern monsters of the genre, find a copy of these songs. They aren't the greatest band that ever lived, but this Seattle quartet is certainly an unsung hero of an era that changed music forever.