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Marce Pago, along with DeDe St. Prix, has been one of the main percussionists of Martinique to continue the legacy of the great Eugene Mona. He has kept the carnival music known as chouval bwa alive by adding guitars and a full complement of horns and keyboards, thus expanding its appeal to a wider audience. Marce Pago calls the marriage of chouval bwa and zouk zouk chouv'. Energy and sheer joy jump out from each track. The rumble of the tambour, timbales, and other drums combined with flute, fiery fat horns, accordion, and the wooden click of the ti bois make for a riot of sound that is aimed at the hips and feet. The swing put out here is formidable and relentless. This gifted group brings the art of seamless changes in rhythm, tempo, and key to a new height. There are no filler tracks here. Standout tracks include "Lans Difou," the extremely sensual "Tche Coco," "Zouk Chouv," "Lanmou Nou De," and "Tchimbon Respe." This is the one to get as the best introduction to the work of Marce et Toumpak. It should be noted that the first six tracks on this album are also on Zouk Chouv' from 1987. Highly recommended.