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Backed in Black: AC/DC Tribute

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Somewhere in Middle America, in a coffee bar, someone came up with a good idea. Unfortunately, this is not the case with our story here. Somewhere, someone came up the ingenious idea of taking Aussie hard rockers AC/DC's magnum opus, Back in Black, and doing a song-by-song tribute album. But not having just anyone cover these songs, oh no. What this album called for was a bunch of watered-down, no-talent aspiring DiFranco/Crow clones doing acoustic "reinterpretations." The results stop just short of being as thrilling as watching the OJ trial. Not only is this the worst conceptual nightmare since Baywatch Nights, it's one of the most under thought, poorly executed records of the modern age. Having these women perform these songs in a such a marshmallow, saccharine-coated, tea-sipping, let's-sit-around-the-campfire-and-talk-of-our-feelings way is not only sacrilege, it's just downright obviously wrong. Anyone with a shred of musical decency let alone common sense could easily recognize this fact (save ICP fans). Backed in Black strips away the feeling you got hit in the face with a cinder block and replaces it with a big oversized baggy wool sweater, a hot cup of chai, and warm hug from your best friend. Producer Henri Yonet should be severely fined and made to promise he'll never go near a recording console or mixing board ever again. Fellas, if you're looking for a record that can emasculate you within 30 seconds, you've come to the right place. Seek elsewhere or risk contamination of being a total wuss.

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