Pink Floyd


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A lot of what's on this CD -- which is a bootleg documentary of the early Pink Floyd sound, and Syd Barrett immediate post-Floyd output -- has been heard before. The makers, however, have interspersed interview material, first with Paul McCartney defending the notion of psychedelic music, and then with Barrett, Nick Mason, and Roger Waters, that sets the context for the music. The latter is mostly made up of familiar outtakes (and, undoubtedly, badly edited pirate copies of the legitimate takes, some transferred off of vinyl) of early singles, album tracks, etc.: "Astronomy Domine" (in a killer alternate take), "Interstellar Overdrive," "Apples & Oranges," "Paintbox," "See Emily Play," "Baby Lemonade," "Octopus," etc. The spoken word material doesn't last too long, just a few minutes, but it includes excerpts from existing documentaries and a CBC interview from 1967, all of which belong in some definitive historical account of the group. The CBC interview, indeed, explains the band's methods and evolution in clearer terms than most of what you may have heard before or since ("we play music for people to dance to"). It's great fun and, indeed, the whole production here constitutes something akin to psychedelic sonic wallpaper, mixed at just the right sound levels so that it makes great ambient background or serious listening, depending upon where one wishes to focus one's attention.