Steve Azar

Waitin' on Joe

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Nothing tears your heart like a ballad, let alone a ballad that involves death. The hard part is telling a fresh story to which the audience hasn’t be desensitized. Newcomer Steve Azar cuts a new path for doleful ballads with “Waitin’ On Joe,” the story of an impatient narrator waiting for his partner to arrive for a day’s work on the river, but the partner never comes. In verse three, we discover that the always tardy Joe is actually the narrator’s brother who, not paying attention, has been killed by a train while trying to report for work. Azar, the writer and performer, definitely brings us that desired pit-of–your-stomach feeling, though doesn’t cut as deeply as, for example, Collin Raye’s “Love Me.”

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Waitin' on Joe 2002 Mercury Nashville / Mercury 4:19