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Honky Cat

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Not nearly as dark and progressive-oriented as Madman Across the Water and returning a hint of Tumbleweed Connection's fascination with American musical forms, Honky Chateau was overall a strong return to excellence for Elton John, and the opening "Honky Cat" is perfectly indicative of John and Bernie Taupin's renewed energy and lighter mood. A playful fusion of solo Beatles (the blaring horn blasts that decorate the choruses sound like they're straight out of John Lennon and Ringo Starr's singles) and the shaggy, loose-limbed groove of Allen Toussaint or Dr. John (John seems to be going for a rough approximation of New Orleans stride piano in his solo interjections), "Honky Cat" sets up a sound and a mood instantly and then works them for over five lazily good-humored minutes. Somewhat improbably released as a single, "Honky Cat" made the lower reaches of the U.S. Top Ten, near the beginning of the period when seemingly everything Elton John touched went to gold.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Honky Château 1972 Universal Distribution / Island 5:13
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973 Def Jam / Island / Rocket Group Pty LTD / Universal 0:00
Greatest Hits 1974 Rocket Group Pty LTD / Island / Def Jam / Motown / Polydor / Universal / Universal Music 5:12
No Image 1974
Various Artists
No Image 1980 K-Tel Distribution
The Very Best of Elton John [Polygram] 1990 Polygram / PolyGram 5:10
To Be Continued... 1990 MCA 5:13
Sliding Doors 1998
Original Soundtrack
MCA 5:13
The Greatest Hits 1970-2002 2002 Island / Universal 5:09
Garfield: The Movie 2004
Original Soundtrack
Bulletproof / Rykodisc 5:14
Dream Ticket 2004 WAB
5 Classic Albums (1970-1973) 2012 Island / Mercury 5:13
Diamonds 2017 Island / Mercury / Universal 5:14
Classic Elton John Polygram
No Image Rock