Nate Hunter


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Year Album Artist
2018 Prisma: Contemporary Works for Orchestra Mixing, Editing
2017 Edie Hill: Clay Jug The Crossing / Donald Nally Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2017 Ruth Lomon: Shadowing - Piano Quartet and Piano Solos Eileen Hutchins Mixing, Editing
2017 What are they Doing to that Piano? Bowed Piano Ensemble Mastering
2017 Woefully Arrayed: Sacred and Secular Choral & Polyhoral Works of Jonathan David Little Mixing, Editing
2016 A Hopeful Place Kristi Holden / Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra / Dan Redfeld Production Engineer
2016 Ace Composers: 21st Century Chamber Music by Alan, Christopher, and Eric Schmitz Production Engineer
2016 Ars Nostra: But Now the Night Kyoung Cho / Sang-Hie Lee / Martha Thomas Production Engineer
2016 Beethoven, Dvorák Trio Céleste Production Engineer
2016 Between the Echoes Production Engineer
2016 Blurred Boundaries Apollo Chamber Players Mastering
2016 Brian Wilbur Grundstrom: An Orchestral Journey Erik Ochsner / Omega Recording Studios Orchestra Production Engineer
2016 Carl Vollrath: Lingering Longings - Music for Clarinet and Piano, Vol. 2 Yoko Hagino / Michael Norsworthy Production Engineer
2016 Carl Vollrath: Three Pastels Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Karolina Rojahn / Petr Vronsky Production Engineer
2016 Cello Music from Austria-Hungary Beth Levin / Samuel Magill Production Engineer
2016 Douglas Anderson: Chamber Symphonies 2, 3 & 4 Di.Vi.Sion / Di.Vi.Sion Piano Trio / Eight Strings and a Whistle Production Engineer
2016 Early Musings: New Music for Violin Davis Brooks Production Engineer
2016 Elliot Miles McKinley: Infinite Landscapes Martinu Quartet / SOLI Chamber Ensemble Production Engineer
2016 Ferdinando De Sena: Spalding's Bounce Production Engineer
2016 Figments: Contemporary Solo and Chamber Works Mastering, Production Engineer
2016 Fred Broer: Music for String Quartet and Piano solo New England String Quartet / Karolina Rojahn Production Engineer
2016 Fresh Dimensions: Orchestral Music for Morris & Stanbery Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Orchestra / Frank Restesan Production Engineer
2016 Hakki Cengiz Eren: Color Studies Argus Quartet / Donald Crockett / Ecce / ECCE Ensemble / Garth Knox / Thornton Edge Production Engineer
2016 Jeffrey Stadelman: Three String Quartets New England String Quartet Production Engineer
2016 John K. Leupold, II: Exasperating Perpetuation Production Engineer
2016 Jonathan Sheffer: The Conference of the Birds Joyce DiDonato Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2016 Joseph Koykkar: Double Takes and Triple Plays - Contemporary American Music Production Engineer
2016 Journeymen's Songs: The Music of Steven Winteregg Daniel Zehringer Production Engineer
2016 Kaviani: Te Deum Petr Vronsky Production Engineer
2016 Kurt Weill/Franz Werfel: The Road of Promise Ted Sperling Production Engineer
2016 Laudato Si: In the Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi Charlene Canty / Andrey Nemzer / Nicholas Will Production Engineer
2016 Margaret Brandman: Sensations Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Production Engineer
2016 Maxwell, Muhly & Couloir Ariel Barnes / Couloir / Heidi Krutzen Production Engineer
2016 Mi Palpita il Cor: Baroque Passions Musica Pacifica Production Engineer
2016 Miguel Chuaqui: Confabulario Production Engineer
2016 Modes: Society of Composers, Inc., Vol. 30 Production Engineer
2016 New Music for Clarinet: ... Another Look F. Gerard Errante Production Engineer
2016 Onyx: Society of Composers, Inc., Vol. 29 Production Engineer
2016 Paula Diehl: Separation Production Engineer
2016 Personae Beth Levin Mastering
2016 Philip Thompson: Separate Self IonSound Project Production Engineer
2016 Piano Sonorities: Music by Betty R. Wishart Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Mastering
2016 Pinnacle: Contemporary Chamber Works Mastering
2016 Rain Worthington: Dream Vapors - Selected Works for Orchestra Ovidiu Marinescu / Petr Vronsky / Robert Ian Winstin Mastering, Production Engineer
2016 React: Music for Flute, Violin, and Interactive Computer Francesca Arnone / Mikylah Myers McTeer Production Engineer
2016 Ripples: Modern Chamber Works with Percussion Stacey Jones / Stacey Jones-Garrison / Matt Sharrock Mastering, Production Engineer
2016 Robert J. Martin: Embrace the Wind! - Myth, Art, Play, Culture, Spirit and Energy Enkidu String Quartet Production Engineer
2016 Rojak Rocks John D. Rojak Production Engineer
2016 Ron Nagorcka: Song of the Central Tree Production Engineer
2016 Russell Pinkston: Balancing Acts - Music for Instruments and Electronic Sounds Russell Pinkston Production Engineer
2016 San José Chamber Orchestra 25th Anniversary San José Chamber Orchestra / Barbara Day Turner Production Engineer
2016 Scene Rustique Leslie Odom / Soomee Yoon Production Engineer
2016 Schumann, Dvorák: Concerti for Cello & Orchestra Carmine Miranda Engineer
2016 Scott Brickman: 96 Strings and 2 Whistles Eight Strings and a Whistle / Beth Levin Production Engineer
2016 Sidney Bailin: 16-2-60-N-5 - Works for Electronics & Piano Sidney Bailin Mastering
2016 Ted Moore: Gilgamesh & Enkidu Enkidu String Quartet / Ted Moore Production Engineer
2016 Textures: New Works for Trumpet James Zingara / James Zingara Mastering
2016 The Music of Marty Regan, Vol. 1: Splash of Indigo Production Engineer
2016 The Postcard Sessions Allen Harrington / Harrington-Loewen Duo Production Engineer
2016 The Vocal Music of Alan Beeler Production Engineer
2016 To Keep the Dark Away: Liszt, Prokofiev, Shatin Gayle Martin Production Engineer
2016 Twentieth Century Duos: Korngold, Copland Andrew Armstrong / Yuriy Bekker Production Engineer
2016 Violin Futura: 21st Century Solo Violin Project Piotr Szewczyk Production Engineer
2016 Voix Suprême: Mélodies of Jules Massenet Shudong Braamse Production Engineer
2016 Wisdom, Love, Eternity: Choral Works of Michael G. Cunningham Kühn Choir / Marek Vorlicek Mastering, Production Engineer
2016 Yves Ramette: In Times of Torment - Chamber Works 1941-1944 Mastering
2016 Zoran Scekic: Just Music Zoran Scekic / Ana Žgur / Ana Zgur Production Engineer
2015 5 Piece Combo: The Complete Suites for Wind Quintet by Don Gillis Madera Wind Quintet Mastering
2015 Alberts' Window Eight Strings and a Whistle Production Engineer
2015 American Dreams St. Helens String Quartet Production Engineer
2015 Arthur Gottschalk: Requiem for the Living Vladimir Lande Production Engineer
2015 Astral Travels David Arend Production Engineer
2015 Composed Jennifer Borkowski Production Engineer
2015 Craig Madden Morris: Circle of Love and Other Choral Offerings The Composer's Choir / Daniel Shaw Production Engineer
2015 Crimson & Lace: Modern Works for Voice Sarita Cannon / Bradford Gleim / Scott Uddenberg Production Engineer
2015 Fredrick Kaufman: Stars & Distances Florida Grand Opera Production Engineer
2015 Immersion, Absorption, Connection: Edgar Barroso Production Engineer
2015 Introspective Odyssey Skyros Quartet Production Engineer
2015 James M. Stephenson: The Devil's Tale - A Sequel to Stravinsky's L'Histoire du Soldat Mike Fansler / Western Illinois University Faculty Chamber Players Production Engineer
2015 Jan Jirásek: Czech and Moravian Christmas Carols Jitro Children's Chorus / Jiri Skopal Production Engineer
2015 Libby Larsen: Circle of Friends Production Engineer
2015 Masatora Goya: Dream of Sailing Production Engineer
2015 Michael Calvert: Rhapsody on a Riff Matthew Marshall Production Engineer
2015 Moto Continuo: New Works for Piano Trio and Solo Cello Trio Casals Production Engineer
2015 My Cup Runneth Over: The Complete Piano Works of R. Nathaniel Dett Clipper Erickson Production Engineer
2015 Peter Vukmirovic Stevens: Feral Icons for Viola Mara Gearman Production Engineer
2015 Plot: Music for Unspecified Instrumentation McCormick Percussion Ensemble Mastering, Production Engineer
2015 Robert J. Martin, Neely Bruce: Playful Edge of the Wave - Image-Based Music for Solo Piano Shirley Blankenship / Neely Bruce Production Engineer
2015 Samuel Pellman: Selected Galaxies Samuel Pellman / Samuel Pellman Production Engineer
2015 She Lost Her Voice, That's How We Knew: Music by Frances White Kristin Norderval Production Engineer
2015 String Quartets for Michael Matthews Clearwater Quartet Production Engineer
2015 Thomas Juneau: Visions Eternal Juneau Vocal Alliance / Summit Chorale Production Engineer
2015 Transcriptions & Paraphrases for Cello and Piano Kostov-Valkov Duo Production Engineer
2015 Turbulent Sky: Contemporary Works for Orchestra Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Production Engineer
Abrazo: The Havana Sessions Bunny Beck / Jodi Kanter / Javier Zalba Editing, Mastering, Mixing
Alex Lubet & Maja Radovanlija: The Enchanted Guitar Forest Alex Lubet / Maja Radovanlija Production Engineer
By the Red: Folk Songs From the Red River Valley Production Engineer
Dashing: Sounds of the Season Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra / The Stanbery Singers Mastering, Production Engineer
Honeyland Aidan Andrew Dun / Lucie Rejchrtova Production Engineer
In Sea Henry Wolking Production Engineer
Moods and Sketches - 12 Improvisations for Piano Sebastiano Meloni Production Engineer
Robert Casadesus and Henri Dutilleux: Selected Piano Works Cicilia Yudha Production Engineer
Sounds of a Different Universe: Chamber Works of André M. Santos Production Engineer
The Crossroads Project Fry Street Quartet Production Engineer